alignment.c File Reference

Collection of routines for reading alignments. More...


static pllAlignmentDatapllParsePHYLIP (const char *filename)
 Parse a PHYLIP file. More...
static pllAlignmentDatapllParseFASTA (const char *filename)
 Parse a FASTA file. More...
static int read_phylip_header (int *inp, int *sequenceCount, int *sequenceLength)
 Parse the PHYLIP file header.
static int parsedOk (int *actLen, int sequenceCount, int sequenceLength)
static int parse_phylip (pllAlignmentData *alignmentData, int input)
 Parse the PHYLIP file body.
static int getFastaAlignmentInfo (int *inp, int *seqCount, int *seqLen)
 Get information about the FASTA alignment. More...
static int parseFastaAlignment (pllAlignmentData *alignmentData, int input)
 Check whether the FASTA content is valid.
static int printTokens (int input)
pllAlignmentDatapllInitAlignmentData (int sequenceCount, int sequenceLength)
 Initialize alignment structure fields. More...
void pllAlignmentDataDestroy (pllAlignmentData *alignmentData)
 Deallocates the memory associated with the alignment data structure. More...
void pllAlignmentDataDumpConsole (pllAlignmentData *alignmentData)
 Prints the alignment to the console. More...
int pllAlignmentDataDumpFile (pllAlignmentData *alignmentData, int fileFormat, const char *filename)
 Dump the alignment to a file of format fileFormat. More...
pllAlignmentDatapllParseAlignmentFile (int fileType, const char *filename)
 Parse a file that contains a multiple sequence alignment. More...

Detailed Description

Collection of routines for reading alignments.

PLL (version 1.0.0) a software library for phylogenetic inference

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Auxiliary functions for storing alignments read from predefined file formats