1 #ifndef __pll_NEWICK__
2 #define __pll_NEWICK__
3 #include "stack.h"
8 typedef struct
9 {
10  int nodes;
11  int tips;
23 typedef struct
24 {
25  int depth;
26  char * name;
27  char * branch;
28  int leaf;
29  int rank;
33 #endif
int depth
Distance of node from root.
Definition: newick.h:25
Information describing the parsed newick tree nodes.
Definition: newick.h:23
int nodes
Total number of nodes in the tree == 2*tips - 1 for rooted and 2*tips -2 for unrooted.
Definition: newick.h:10
int tips
Number of leaves (tips) in the tree.
Definition: newick.h:11
char * branch
Length of branch that leads to its parent.
Definition: newick.h:27
Definition: stack.h:4
Intermediate structure for storing a newick tree.
Definition: newick.h:8
char * name
Name of the taxon represented by the node (in case it is a leaf)
Definition: newick.h:26
int rank
Rank of the node, i.e. how many children it has.
Definition: newick.h:29
int leaf
PLL_TRUE if the node is a leaf, otherwise PLL_FALSE
Definition: newick.h:28
pllStack * tree
Parsed tree represented as elements of a stack. Corresponds to placing the postorder traversal of a r...
Definition: newick.h:12